Carpet Care

Here at Victoria we understand that you want your new carpet to stay looking new for as long as possible. Therefore we are happy to provide assistance when it comes to how and why. Whether you have bought a wool or a man-made synthetic carpet, we have all the tips and tricks you may need.


Wool is the traditional material used to weave carpets. Dating back to the 4th Century the benefits of using wool as a floor covering were quickly realised. Modern manufacturing techniques and advances in product design mean that our carpets today provide you with outstanding quality and finish.


Our EasiCare carpets are designed to provide households with both practicality and style. By utilising polypropylene yarns these products are hardwearing but also offer a softness making them the perfect floor for any room in your home.

Due to their construction, our EasiCare products are stain resistant and can be cleaned with bleach making them the ideal flooring for busy families and homes with pets.

To register your EasiCare Warranty, click below and fill in our form before sending to our marketing team, who will respond via email with your unique warranty code.


Luxuria Velvet range is our first Nylon 6.6 product. This type of yarn makes the carpet extra resilient and long lasting, which is why we offer our 20 year wear warranty

Available in 36 sumptuous colours, Luxuria Velvet is unbelievably soft. Feeling truly is believing with this range.

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