Warranty Information



Your Victoria carpet will give you many years of pleasure and hard wearing service, provided that you care for it and maintain it on a regular basis. This booklet details how best to care for your carpet and outlines the Stain and Wear Warranties that come free with your purchase.

Your Victoria carpet has been manufactured to exacting standards using Victoria's own advanced technology, Colourloc 2ply Polypropylene yarn. The colour of your carpet has been built into the molecular structure of the carpet yarn. Most stains caused by food and drink spillages will be removeable, using the simple instructions contained in this warranty, without damaging the colour of the carpet. Please read these instructions carefully. In an unlikely event that you are unable to remove the stain, please call Customer Services on 01562 749300 (Option 1).

In the event of a claim under your Warranty being made, a professional cleaner will attempt to remove the stain. If the stain is removed by the professional cleaner, you will be liable for any cleaning charges incurred.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do to enjoy the full benefits of your 10 Year Stain and Wear Warranty is to follow these simple steps:

    • Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase of your carpet, along with this warranty. Keep them in a safe place as you will need both in the event of having to make a Warranty claim.
    • Have your carpet cleaned accordance with the care and maintenance instructions. Professional carpet cleaning at least once every two years from date of purchase.
    • Keep a record of the dates your carpet is cleaned, along with receipts from professional cleaning companies used.
    • Please retain a small portion (approximately 45cm x 45cm) of the excess carpet unused after installation.


The Warranty

Victoria Carpets Ltd 10 Year Warranty on your carpet against staining and premature wear. These warranties do not affect your statutory rights.

10 Year Premature Wear Warranty in Residential Use:

Victoria Carpets warrants it's carpets against a pile weight loss by abrasive wear of more than 40% during a period of 10 Years from the date of delivery, provided it is used accordance with our usage recommendations. This warranty covers abrasive wear of the surface pile only and does not cover carpet backings.

10 Year Limited Stain Resistance for Residential Use:

Victoria Carpets warrants that the surface pile will resist most household stains for 10 years from the date of delivery when properly installed the British Standards.


Limitations, Conditions and Exclusions:

Ranges Covered:
The Warranties offered relate solely to Victoria's Easicare and Soft Touch carpet collections. The Warranties cover 'first grade' carpets only and not 'seconds' or disposal lines.

Geographic Limits:
The Warranties offered are applicable to Easicare and Soft Touch carpets purchased and installed in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland.

Residential Use:
The Warranties cover the consumers reasonable indoor use of carpet installed in a single family, domestic residence.

Transfer of Rights:
The Warranties are issued solely to the consumers of the carpet and as stated on the warranty registrations card are not transferable.

The Carpet must be properly installed by a qualified fitter and in full accordance with British Standard BS5325.

Care and Maintenance:
You should care for your carpet in accordance with the instructions provided. Your carpet must be maintained and professionally cleaned at least once every two years from the purchase dateand you must keep receipts and details on the cleaning that you have had done.

Stains Excluded from Warranty:

    • Any stain caused by non-food or non-beverage subtances
    • Staining due to abnormal use or conditions, including wilful acts, or gross negligence
    • Staining caused due to improper cleaning methods or chemicals and their incorrect use
    • Discolouration or shading changed to the carpet pile due to normal soiling, curshing of the pile, abrasion or pile reversal.