Ref: P001
Issue: 006
Date: 01/01/2020

Quality Policy Statement

Victoria Carpets Ltd is committed to the continual improvement of customer satisfaction levels via all processes and related activities. The Company will control its activities in line with the principles of ISO 9001 and will:
  • Set performance objectives in accordance with our strategic direction for the business in order to generate continual process and service improvement.
  • Ensure these objectives are made known to employees by translating them into departmental KPIs and performance is monitored & analysed.
  • Provide resources to ensure the policy is effectively implemented and maintained.
  • Make ISO 9001 a prime responsibility of all levels of management.
  • Engage employees on quality matters encouraging commitment and involvement.
  • Ensure all employees are suitably trained and competent to carry out their duties.
  • Include quality as an agenda item in management meeting reviews. Whilst the assessment of the effectiveness of this policy will be done annually, the review of ISO will be continuous and have no time boundaries.
  • Adhere to those applicable statutory and regulatory legal requirements associated with employees, customers and all interested parties.
The company will maintain its ISO 9001 accreditation in order to create a fully functioning integrated management system for the business.

Kind Regards

Emma Fletcher

Director of operations